The IMAG History & Science Center announces three new, exciting movies showing at the museum throughout the day for guests of all ages.  First, discover the majesty and magnificence of the largest animal ever to walk the earth, the titanosaur.  Titanosaur 3D is a movie that explores the life, history, and environment of long-necked sauropods from egg to towering titan.  Titanosaur presents the process by which scientists gather clues to understand and imagine these gargantuan reptiles and reveal the secrets of their diet, anatomy, growth, and behavior.  Vivid computer animation brings the prehistoric world of the titanosaur back to life in this touching, family-friendly celebration of the world’s most colossal plant-eater.  Titanosaur 3D show times are 12:15 PM and 3:00 PM daily.


Second, Journey to Space: Next stop Mars is a celebration of space exploration and tribute to international cooperation in space research for a vision of a manned mission to Mars.  Narrated by Patrick Stewart, this film builds on groundbreaking productions of the past 30 years as part of our history in space, beautifully and inspiringly chronicling the space shuttle orbiter program, the International Space Station, the Hubble telescope, and more.  Journey to Space takes you on a behind-the-scenes look at the operation to send astronauts to Mars within the next 20 years with new spacecraft, landers, habitats, and vehicles necessary to achieve interplanetary travel, touchdown, and colonization.  Journey to Space show times are 12:45 PM and 3:30 PM daily.


The third movie is Aircraft Carrier: City at Sea.  The mission to protect and defend the world’s oceans has become far more complex and challenging in recent years; naval aviation has become increasingly vital to success in that role.  One of the greatest engineering feats, the modern Nimitz-class carrier, is a masterpiece of technology and, as such, the aircraft carrier is the flagship of the fleet.  With Aircraft Carrier, you will find yourself aboard the USS Ronald Reagan alongside 5,000 highly skilled sea and air personnel conducting flight operations during the largest, most comprehensive maritime training exercises in the world.  Aircraft Carrier show times are 1:15 PM and 4:00 PM daily.


Admission to all three movies is included in your admission to the museum.  Adults are $15, seniors are $14, students and children are $12, children 2 years old and younger are free, and IMAG members are free as well.  The IMAG History & Science Center is located at 2000 Cranford Avenue, Fort Myers FL 99316 and can be reached at 239-243-0043 or on the web at