BIG ARTS proudly presents its lineup of summer 2024 youth classes, featuring Gelli Print Art, Dragon Eye Sculptures, and Mosaics and More. Scheduled throughout June and July in BIG ARTS beautiful classrooms, these classes cater to students ranging from 2nd grade all the way to high school. Youth art classes offer a creative opportunity for kids to express their inner artist through visual arts experiences in a variety of mediums.


For additional information and to register today, visit or call the box office at (239) 395-0900.


Gelli Art

Instructor: Erica Sharp

June 17–20, 2024
In this mono-printing class, students will use a Gelli plate, a flexible printing plate made of silicone, which is a fun and creative way to explore mixed-media art. They may also choose to incorporate additional elements, such as collage materials or drawings to further enhance their compositions.


Mosaics and More

Instructor: Petra Kaiser

July 8-12, 2024

Students will have a lot of fun learning the art of fused glass, creating projects like wind chimes, dishes, jewelry, wall hangings, and more. As projects are finished, instructor Petra will take them home to fire in the kiln.


Dragon Eye Sculpture

Instructor: Erica Sharp

July 15-18, 2024

In this sculpture class, students will use air dry clay, a soft and easily moldable clay, which is a fun and creative way to explore using the hand building method. They will have the opportunity to design and bring to life their very own dragon!