CHR (Community, Housing, and Resources) on Sanibel recently hosted a delightful Breakfast Club event, bringing residents and the public together for a morning of camaraderie, delicious donuts, and freshly brewed coffee.

Bonnie and Savannah, the warm and welcoming faces of CHR, were there to greet the guests and ensure everyone felt right at home. Their friendly smiles and genuine hospitality set the tone for a delightful gathering.

CHR is dedicated to creating a sense of belonging and togetherness among its residents and the broader community. The Breakfast Club event was just one example of their commitment to promoting a tight-knit and supportive environment.

We extend our appreciation to CHR, Bonnie, Savannah, and everyone involved in organizing this wonderful event. Your efforts in fostering community connections are truly commendable.

Stay tuned for more exciting gatherings and initiatives from CHR as they continue to create opportunities for neighbors to come together and strengthen the bonds that make our community thrive.