CHR Sanibel, an organization dedicated to providing affordable housing solutions, recently had the privilege of being guest speakers at the SanCap Kiwanis meeting. Savannah and Nicole shed light on the critical importance of affordable housing for the local workforce on Sanibel, as well as the need for housing options for the elderly. The Kiwanis members were thrilled to gain a deeper understanding of CHR and its mission.


During the meeting, Savannah and Nicole passionately shared insights into the challenges faced by the local workforce in finding affordable housing options on Sanibel. They emphasized the significance of having affordable housing available to ensure that the workforce can live and thrive in the community they serve. Additionally, they highlighted the growing need for housing options that cater specifically to the elderly population, ensuring their comfort and well-being.


The members of SanCap Kiwanis were delighted to learn more about CHR Sanibel and its crucial role in addressing the housing needs of the community.


CHR Sanibel is committed to providing affordable housing solutions that meet the unique needs of the Sanibel community. By working closely with local organizations, businesses, and community members, CHR Sanibel strives to create sustainable housing options that enhance the quality of life for residents.


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