CHR Community Housing Resources (CHR) recently hosted a Volunteer Crew Recognition lunch at Mudbugs to express gratitude and appreciation for the dedicated volunteers who selflessly support the residents weekly. The event was a heartfelt gesture to recognize the invaluable contributions of the volunteers who go above and beyond to help with various tasks and projects at CHR.


“We are incredibly grateful for the unwavering support and commitment of our volunteer crew,” said Nicole Decker-Mchale, executive director at CHR. “Their dedication and hard work have made a significant difference in the lives of our residents, and we are truly thankful for their selfless service.”


For more information on CHR Community Housing Resources and how you can get involved as a volunteer, please visit the website at If you are interested in joining the Thursday crew contact our office at 239-472-1189. We also have a POINT link on our website that  can be used to sign up to volunteer.