As individuals advance into their later years, they often require additional assistance to manage their daily lives. FISH OF SANCAP Senior Services offers various forms of support to elderly residents of the island. Recognizing that the needs of aging neighbors change over time, FISH, devoted to addressing the essential requests of island seniors, offer programs that include assessments, reassurance calls and visits, loans of medical equipment, transportation both on and off the island, friendly gatherings, hurricane preparedness resources, access to home healthcare, meals and pantry items, as well as emergency financial aid.

Recently, Erika Broyles, the Director of FISH Senior Services, met a remarkable woman in her 80s named Betty Adler, who has been residing on Sanibel for several years. “She reached out inquiring about our services,” recalls Erika, “which was a significant step for her. She’s someone who values her independence but found it difficult to ask for assistance.” To protect her privacy, the individual’s name has been changed.

Betty’s connection to Sanibel traces back to the 1960s when she first visited the island and immediately fell in love. Initially, her visits were brief vacations, but she and her late husband later purchased a small vacation home for longer stays. They even bought land with plans to build a retirement home, but sadly, her husband passed away before they could realize this dream. “After his passing, I felt his presence with me particularly when walking the beach, which was one of our favorite outings,” recalls Betty. Despite facing cancer, Betty cherishes her peaceful years on Sanibel, enjoying the company of friends and neighbors and enjoying the island lifestyle.

However, cancer has significantly impacted Betty’s energy and mobility, preventing her from taking her favorite beach walks. Some days, she finds it challenging to even get out of bed and manages to shop or eat only occasionally. Upon the recommendation of a neighbor and friend, Betty reluctantly reached out to FISH for assistance with groceries and meals on her low-energy days. Broyles arranged a home visit to assess Betty’s needs, leading to her enrollment in programs like the FISH Smile Box, food pantry, and meal services.

“I’m grateful for meeting Erika and discovering the FISH organization,” says Betty. “It feels like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders. The Smile Box brightened my day, and I’m eager to connect with my new friends at FISH when I’m feeling up to it.”

According to the National Institute on Aging, older adults often seek help with everyday tasks, food provision, companionship, and transportation services as they age in place. With adequate resources and support, older adults can maintain their independence and dignity while aging in their own homes.

FISH is dedicated to supporting seniors on the island. With a focus on meeting the evolving needs of aging residents, FISH offers a range of services aimed at enhancing the well-being and independence of island seniors.

For more information about FISH Senior Services, please contact Erika Broyles at (239) 472-4775. To learn about other services provided by FISH, please contact Maria Espinoza, Executive Director, at the same number or visit their website at