The Island community applauds Saint Michael and All Angels Church for spearheading the “Love Sanibel Back” initiative, a heartfelt program aimed at encouraging support for businesses that have shown unwavering loyalty to the Sanibel community.


Commencing on Monday, June 3rd at Over Easy Café and Olde Sanibel Shops, residents are invited to join the movement and demonstrate their love for Sanibel by patronizing these beloved local businesses. The community’s participation in this initiative is crucial in fostering a sense of unity and support for the establishments that contribute to the island’s unique charm.


Trasi Sharp, co-owner of Over Easy Café, expressed gratitude for the initiative, stating, “This community is fabulous, and this will help us so much.” The outpouring of support from the community is sure to make a significant impact on local businesses that have long been an integral part of the Sanibel community.


For more information on how you can participate in the “Love Sanibel Back” initiative, please contact Saint Michael and All Angels Church at [email protected]