Brandon Wilder is one of our amazing staff members at the Blue Giraffe.

At age 6, Brandon was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

Below is his story, in his own words.


First & foremost I have to say if it weren’t for my doctors, nurses, family, friends & volunteers not sure if I would be here today. From top to bottom, Kosair children’s hospital of Louisville did a remarkable job. So I’m forever indebted to them.


I had stage 4 b-cell lymphoma in 2000. I went through roughly 3 months of hard/strong chemotherapy And other procedures as well. I had tumors in my liver/kidneys as well on my tonsils and lymph nodes.


I was placed in remission on 12-28-2000.


After remission, I participated in the relay for life American cancer society of Louisville. They added me as an honorable chairman. Also I did a billboard shoot for paint the town purple of Louisville. I participated with Raise Red at the university of Louisville 2015-2016 school year.


And now I do a shave yearly with the charitable organization St. Baldrick’s Foundation. 2022 marks my 4th year of participating in this event. My shave is September 30th. To learn how to help combat childhood cancer, please click or copy/paste the link below


At the Blue Giraffe, we are so very proud of Brandon & his willingness to give back!

Thank you!