Periwinkle Park is eagerly anticipating a week of celebration and joy as the Fourth of July approaches. With exciting plans in place, General Manager David Muench extends gratitude to all campers, residents, and friends who have been an integral part of supporting Periwinkle Park.

“We are thrilled to welcome everyone to Periwinkle Park for an exciting Fourth of July week,” said David Muench, General Manager of Periwinkle Park.

Campers at Periwinkle Park have reasons to celebrate as well, as the Park recently upgraded its facilities with the installation of hot water in the laundry rooms. Additionally, an improved system for treating the pesky no see’ums has been implemented, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

“We value the input and assistance of our community in making Periwinkle Park a better place for everyone,” expressed Muench. “It’s through this collaborative effort that we continue to enhance the camping experience for all who visit us.”

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