Hurricane Ian was a stark reminder of the increasing threat of weather events – but there were success stories that emerged. Florida’s ability to learn from these will accelerate its ability to increase resilience.


Many have heard about the resilience of Babcock Ranch, which experienced Category 4 winds, but sustained virtually no damage and never lost power. Babcock Ranch is a project of Florida-based developer Kitson and Partners. You may also know Avalon Park Group, a global company focused on sustainable communities, using models from around the world to reduce carbon emissions and incorporate sustainable concepts.


Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy is providing a unique opportunity for chamber leaders, developers, construction firms and the business community to learn about solutions for more resilient and sustainable developments, critical for communities across Florida.


While most developments aren’t on the scale of Babcock Ranch or Avalon Park, there are specific features developers and construction firms can utilize to illustrate their commitment to resilience to both government and community leaders. Rather than responding to government mandates, by taking proactive steps, your chamber and members can be leaders in reducing economic disruption from disasters.




  • Lucienne Pears, vice president, Economic and Business Development, Babcock Ranch
  • Lisa Hall, Hall Media Strategies and media relations lead, Babcock Ranch
  • Ross Halle, senior vice president, Avalon Park Group
  • Panel moderator, Alan Byrd, Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy