The Steering Committee for the SanCap Citizens for a Resilient Future has just announced a name change to SanCap Resilience.


“While the original name is reflective of the coalition’s purpose — to be a citizen-led effort to increase our community’s resilience to future storms and the effects of climate change — it was just too lengthy to say each time we referred to the group,” according to steering committee co-chair, Bob Moore. “The new name is direct, to the point and was unanimously approved by steering committee members.”


SanCap Resilience is a coalition of concerned citizens and 16 local nonprofit organizations. Its mission is to “lead a community-based initiative to build resilience and protect the vibrancy of our sanctuary islands long into the future.” [Name of organization] is a member of the coalition.


Volunteers throughout the community have been busy over the summer forming working groups that are focusing on specific aspects of resilience. Their goal is to provide resources to community members as they continue to work on the task of rebuilding after the storm.


On Sept. 18, the communications working group launched a new Facebook group and Instagram page for the organization. Community members are encouraged to search for “SanCap Resilience” on Facebook and join the group. In addition, the group will introduce an e-newsletter. Anyone interested in subscribing can fill out this form online.


“We are excited to get our new communications channels in place,” said Maureen McGauran, chair of the SanCap Resilience communications group. “We want to both hear from the community and provide useful information and resources. In addition to our social media and email channels, we are working on a website that we will launch later this fall. It will include links to resources, a calendar of events by SanCap Resilience and our partner organizations, and opportunities for volunteering.”


For more information about SanCap Resilience, contact [email protected].