SanCap Kiwanis members were in for a thrilling ride as they welcomed Dr. Scott Crater as a guest speaker at a recent meeting. Dr. Crater shared his incredible journey of participating in the historic Mille Miglia Italian road rally, a thousand-mile open road endurance race, in a 90-year-old car.


Alongside Dr. David Eichenbaum, Dr. Crater embarked on this daring adventure in a 1928 Chrysler 72 equipped with an 85 hp in-line six-cylinder engine. With the top down and facing scorching heat, the duo cruised between 45 and 60 miles per hour, greeted by enthusiastic participants in towns large and small along the way.


The excitement wasn’t without challenges, as Dr. Crater recounted a nail-biting moment when they lost their brakes due to a crack in the metal brake line. Thankfully, the quick action of their support team saved the day, getting them to a garage in a small town and back on the road to glory.


Dr. Crater’s vivid storytelling and vibrant recollection of this extraordinary race left the SanCap Kiwanis members enthralled. His courage, determination, and passion for vintage cars and historical adventures resonated deeply with all in attendance.


SanCap Kiwanis extends their thanks to Dr. Scott Crater for sharing his unforgettable experience and for being a source of inspiration to all who seek the thrill of the open road and the spirit of adventure.


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