The Sanibel FlyFishers Club continues its mission to connect and educate fly fishers and protect the local waters of Southwest Florida through advocacy and philanthropy. The club provides a vibrant platform for members to meet, fish, learn, and contribute to the preservation of the region’s rich aquatic resources.


Members of the Sanibel FlyFishers Club have access to a variety of events and activities designed to enhance their fly fishing skills, deepen their knowledge of the local ecosystem, and contribute to conservation efforts. The club’s monthly meetings serve as a platform for engaging discussions, educational sessions, and networking opportunities within the flyfishing community.


“Whether you are a seasoned angler or a beginner interested in learning more about flyfishing, our club welcomes all individuals who share a love for our Southwest Florida fishery,” said Jeff Grossman, President of the club. “Join us in our shared commitment to preserving and appreciating the beauty of our local waters.”


To learn more about the Sanibel FlyFishers Club, please visit the website at