Sanibel Island Golf Club is excited to announce that they are officially open for tee times every day, marking a significant milestone in their journey of resilience and recovery after enduring the impact of a powerful hurricane. Through unwavering teamwork, dedication, and the support of their outstanding staff, Sanibel Island Golf Club has emerged stronger than ever.

A Symbol of Resilience:

In the face of unforeseen circumstances, Sanibel Island Golf Club has displayed the remarkable resilience that defines the great spirit of humanity. One of the most challenging aspects was overcoming the obstacles caused by the hurricane. However, fueled by their determination, the team embarked on recovery within a week of the storm.

The Power of Teamwork:

The road to recovery was not an easy one, but Sanibel Island Golf Club showcased the power of unity and collaboration. The entire team joined forces, working tirelessly to address the damage caused by the storm and create an environment suitable for golfers. With their unwavering spirit, they turned adversity into an opportunity, paving the way for a new day at the course.

Drew Donnelly, one of Sanibel Island Golf Club’s owners, expressed his gratitude to everyone involved, stating, “The dedication and resilience displayed by our team throughout this challenging journey have been truly inspiring. We couldn’t have achieved this milestone without the support and patience of our valued guests & members. Today, we mark a new chapter in our story, and we’re excited to welcome golfers from all over to experience our course.”

Located in the heart of Sanibel Island, Sanibel Island Golf Club offers a golfing experience in a beautiful natural setting.