Dear CECI Friends and Families,

Our center runs with annual expenses historically averaging $268,000 (prior to the funding of a scholarship program and building repairs). Faced with Covid regulations and closures, lower student teacher ratio requirements, overall limitations to enrollment capacities, and an inability to hold in-person fundraisers, we have depleted a significant portion of our financial reserve. Put simply, our tuition income alone is not enough to sustain our organization.

Since our humble founding on Sanibel as a local non-profit cooperative preschool, over 46 years ago, we have been in service of these islands and the future-building of this community. We are CECI (fondly pronounced “sessy” or “seesee”), “the children’s center,” or that nature preschool where kids love the environment and all the island offers; by learning and playing outside.

We have been here to care for generations of children. Whether it was you, your neighbor, your children, or your grandchildren that have attended CECI over the years, Y-O-U are a foundational piece of our history and community influence.

While we continue to ensure that children have safe, healthy, frequent, and meaningful opportunities for nature connection as well as a high- quality education; 2020 has brought many financial hardships to our organization.

We have been here to care for your children and the children of your community.  Now, we need to appeal to you and request your support.

Our Board of Directors have banded together to set an end of year challenge to raise $50,000. It’s an ambitious task to say the least, but CECI is a pillar of our community and supported by people like you – people who believe, as we believe, that the very foundation of our unique island begins with our youngest children.

We are so grateful for your support!

With gratitude,
Kerra Cook
Executive Director

Children’s Education Center of the Islands




As a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, The Children’s Education Center is a nature-based preschool using immersive academics inspired by Sanibel Island to build curious and confident life-long learners. Providing affordable child care is important to the sustainability of our island community.

To support CECI with a tax-deductible gift, visit or contact Kerra Cook at 239-472-4538 , or [email protected].