We all know that Sanibelians love their turtles! And for good reason! Once they have reached maturity, around 30 years old, they return annually to the same beach to lay their eggs, and we happen to be one of those beaches!


Jack Brzoza, a Biologist from SCCF, spoke with our club regarding these amazing animals! We have been having record high nesting on our beaches which is a wonderful and beautiful event that many of us have never witnessed! This goes back to the early days with Charles LeBuff a few decades ago and his conservation efforts. These efforts are paying off and we are seeing the results now.


However, just because we are seeing record numbers, it does not mean that we should let our guard down. It is vitally important that we continue our conservation efforts so that we can continue to help these amazing sea creatures. It only takes a few little changes to make a big difference. Be sure to use turtle-compliant light bulbs, ask the local hardware stores if you aren’t sure what that means. Another easy way to preserve our turtles is to fill in the holes on the beach and remove beach furniture or obstacles for the turtles.


Help us continue to safeguard one of the many not-so-hidden gems that make Sanibel such a wonderful place to live and visit!


The Sanibel-Captiva Rotary holds hybrid meetings both in person at The Community House and on Zoom. Doors open at 7:30 am, the meeting begins at 8:00 am.