February 8, 2024 @ 4:30 pm – 7:00 pm

McClary presents a fresh perspective on life where each day offers change and growth. Much like the ever-shifting patterns within a kaleidoscope.

Her artwork celebrates the organic beauty that arises from diverse perspectives. Instead of focusing on the broken parts, McClary skillfully assembles them to create breathtaking images that reflect her unique viewpoint. To look past the broken and see the beautiful. Through her art, she shares her ever-evolving perception with viewers, inviting them to experience her world in real-time.

In a world of constant change, “Kaleidoscope Mind” serves as a reminder to embrace change and remember your roots. McClary’s paintings symbolize resilience as some have survived storms and embody the spirit of our island community and its vibrant inhabitants. Her work inspires hope, joy and a fresh perspective on the beauty that surrounds us.

This exhibition is dedicated to McClary’s dear Aunt Elsie, whose favorite song, “Rose-Colored Glasses,” and symbolizes the power of optimism. It also pays tribute to her strong mother and people who have shaped her life and encouraged her artistic journey. As an artist who has called these islands home for 18 years, McClary finds inspiration in their captivating beauty, infusing her art with a deep connection to this cherished place.

Join us for an enchanting experience of “Kaleidoscope Mind: A Rose-Colored Spectacle” by Lacy McClary. Let her artwork guide you towards a newfound appreciation for the beauty in everyday life, offering hope, joy, and a fresh perspective on the resilience and vibrancy of our islands.