All God’s creatures, along with their human owners, are invited to Captiva’s Historic Chapel by the Sea on Sunday, March 29, 2020, for a Blessing of the Animals. Our service will begin at the regular Sunday time of 11 AM with animals individually blessed in our shaded churchyard immediately following the service at approximately 12:15 PM.

We will share in the tradition that harkens back to Saint Francis of Assisi. There’s no doubt that pets enrich our lives. Don’t

miss this opportunity to acknowledge the special relationship you have with your pet. Bring your furry, feathered or finned friend to Captiva Chapel by the Sea where best pet behavior and leashes are especially encouraged.    Dogs, cats, birds, frogs and all pets great and small, regardless of denomination, are welcome.   If your favorite pet cannot attend, bring a photo!

Captiva’s Chapel by the Sea, recognized on the U.S. Registry of Historic Places is denominationally independent and ready to greet you at 11580 Chapin Lane, Captiva. For more information call   239-472-1646.