Nicole Mchale (Exec. Director of CHR), Savannah Miller-Berg (Deputy Executive Director of CHR), and Holly Smith (CHR’s City Liaison) traveled to Tallahassee to discuss CHR’s Senate and House Appropriations for the rebuild of Riverview. Riverview will have 10 one-bedrooms apartments and 8 ensuite style apartments. CHR has Senate sponsor Jonathan Martin and House sponsor Adam Botana.


Read more about our appropriation at the link below. (House 3081 Riverview Affordable Housing Development)


CHR has successfully met with almost every member of the Lee County Delegation as well as educated leaders in other counties about our organization and mission.


CHR met with The Infrastructure and Tourism Appropriation Subcommittee Chair Rep. Alex Andrade’s team, which is the subcommittee that CHR’s appropriation is being sent through.


CHR was able to establish crucial relationships with local politicians as well as potential partnerships in the near future.