Community Housing and Resources (CHR), a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing affordable housing and support services on Sanibel Island, extends heartfelt thanks to the SanCap Kiwanis Club for their recent donation of bikes and gifts to our residents. This act of kindness exemplifies the strong spirit of collaboration and community support that thrives on our island, as nonprofits and community members work together to enhance the lives of our residents.


“We are incredibly grateful to the SanCap Kiwanis Club for their thoughtful donation of bikes and gifts,” says Nicole Decker-McHale, executive director of Community Housing and Resources. “Their generosity has made a significant impact on the lives of our residents, bringing smiles and a renewed sense of hope. This collaboration between CHR and the SanCap Kiwanis Club exemplifies the power of community support in creating a better future for all.”


The partnership between CHR and the SanCap Kiwanis Club is a shining example of the collective efforts of nonprofits and community organizations on Sanibel Island. By working together, we can address the diverse needs of our residents and create a stronger, more inclusive community.


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