FISH OF SANCAP assists residents and the workforce with requests small and large by creating a community where all have support needed to thrive. Some requests, such as home repairs due to Hurricane Ian, are large scale and long-term, while others, such as assistance with technology, are smaller and can be solved quickly.

Recently an island senior, Joanne Service, reached out to FISH with some tech questions. “I didn’t know who to ask,” says Service, “and since FISH was visiting me anyway, I thought I’d call upon the younger generation to help me understand all this stuff.”  Service receives occasional home visits from the FISH team and is enrolled in the Meals-by-FISH program. The name of the individual has been changed for privacy.

According to a research study published in the New York Times, ‘three-quarters of those older than 65 said they needed someone else to set up their electronic devises.’ “We see a lot of technology struggles with our aging population,” notes Ericka Broyles, FISH Senior Services Director. “It’s not just limited to phone or computers, many struggle with television remotes, accessing the Internet and passwords too. Sometimes it’s related to the digital age moving too fast for seniors and others to keep up, other times it goes a bit deeper into physical or cognitive difficulties. It’s frustrating for them and often times they feel inadequate. We want to help where we can and are happy to assist.”

During a scheduled home visit, Service asked the FISH team – Erika Broyles and Merari Salinas – to help with her electronic devices, specifically as it related to storage. She keeps pictures of her grandchildren and family outings on her phone and computer and connects them to a digital picture frame. She was having trouble accessing her photos, uploading and navigating her computer file system. FISH was happy to assist, and Salinas was able to clean up storage space and show Service how to organize her photos for easy access.

In a note to FISH, Service writes, “Thank you so much for your help with my laptop and iPhone. It felt like you did a deep clean of my pictures file. It gives me comfort that you are there for me if another problem with storage comes up.  I admire how confident you are with your devices. Thank you both for solving my problem.”


“Sometimes it’s the smaller asks that make a huge difference,” says Broyles. “To see the smile on her face as her digital frame showed photos on a loop was so special, as were the stories she shared about them.”


To learn more about FISH Senior Services, please contact Erika Broyles at (239) 472-4775. Visit their website and social media pages to see firsthand how the agency works to better the community and their response to the Ian disaster. To learn more about other services of FISH, please contact Maria Espinoza, Executive Director, at (239) 472-4775 or visit their website at