Led by the dynamic Executive Director, Emily Ankerson, the CCA is dedicated to fostering a sense of unity and togetherness among neighbors and friends.

Recently, the CCA hosted a delightful Porch and Patio Social, where laughter and music filled the night. With live music, refreshing beverages, and a bar sponsored by the Pfeifer Realty Group, it was an evening of joy and celebration as we welcomed the start of the 2024.

The CCA is committed to organizing a variety of engaging events throughout the season, bringing the community closer together. From informative workshops to exciting social gatherings, there’s always something happening that will pique your interest.

To stay updated on upcoming events and be a part of the thriving Captiva community, visit our website at ccacaptiva.org. Join us as we create lasting memories and build meaningful connections. The Captiva Civic Association, where friends and neighbors come together to make every moment count.