The Kiwanis Club is happy to announce that their Diner’s Delight 2 for 1 Restaurant Coupon Booklets are available starting this week at numerous retail outlets around the Islands and from Kiwanis members.  The popular program offers discount coupons at a wide variety of Island restaurants, valid during the period May through December, for a contribution of $40.  For those who like to dine out frequently, the coupons represent a substantial savings while at the same time providing needed support for our community’s restaurants.

The long-running Diner’s Delight program was originally set up to encourage Islanders and visitors to try new places, to dine out more often, and to help local businesses to add customers during the slower months of the year.  This year that mission has become more important than ever, as many restaurants were forced to close for an extended period due to storm damage and due to the reduced Island population during restoration.

Kiwanian Dave Essig, who manages the program for the Club, reinforced the importance of supporting our local restaurants this year in particular.  Said Dave: “Our Island restaurants are an important part of what makes life here enjoyable, and these small businesses were hit hard by Hurricane Ian.  More than ever, they need the community to help them get back on their feet.  We say:  Let’s support the businesses that support the Islands!”  Club President Jeff Blackman echoed this thought and added: “Kiwanis encourages everyone to get hold of a booklet , call some friends, and head out to dinner!”

The Kiwanis Club uses the funds raised by the Diner’s Delight program, along with its annual Spaghetti Dinner and King Of The Rock Golf Tournament, to sustain its major scholarship program and other Kiwanis education and recreation grants benefitting local Island youth.  So those who support these programs can feel good about helping to maintain multiple causes that make our Islands special.