On Wednesday February 7th, the Sanibel Captiva Audubon Society will be providing a photography program for bird enthusiasts who would like to learn a few basics of bird photography. San-Cap Audubon is excited to add a small program this season along with their weekly bird walks. “Capturing images of birds can be harder than it looks. We hope this program can help bird nerds like ourselves with not only identification but produce nice photos to have for years to come,” explained San-Cap Audubon board member, Karl Werner.

Topics that will be covered during this program range from lighting & composition to photography gear (i.e. iPhones, 35mm mirrorless cameras etc.) and how to capture different ‘subjects’ (i.e. birds, scenery, people etc.). The program will consist of two parts, both roughly 45 minutes a piece. The first part will be discussing the above mentioned topics in a group setting. The second part will involve a stroll down either Indigo Trail or Wildlife Drive looking for avian subjects to capture images of. ‘The bird life can be unpredictable,’ mentioned Werner. “We may have enough bird activity to stay on Indigo Trail or we may have to go down Wildlife Drive, so we recommend being prepared for both,’ explained Werner.

For those who are interested in learning some tips and tricks to bird photography, the program will meet at the newly constructed ‘Roost’ next to the main parking lot of the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge at 8am on Wednesday February 7th. This program is free of charge. There is a $10 fee to drive through Wildlife Drive (Fee Booth prefers cash for small amounts) or show an entrance pass or duck stamp. If you are unable to attend this program, the Sanibel Captiva Audubon Society holds bird walks on Saturdays at 8am; locations, days and times are subject to change. Please visit our website at www.san-capaudubon.org for an up-to-date schedule.